Terms & Conditions


In order for you to be entitled to the services offered by Rives d'Arc, please carefully read the general terms and conditions below. These conditions govern rental orders and are validated at the moment the order is placed. By booking a stay you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


These general conditions apply during the booking period running from April 13th through September 22th, 2019. These conditions govern rental orders and are validated at the moment the deposit is paid. By booking a stay you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The present conditions may be modified or supplemented by Rives d'Arc at any time. Changes will be posted on the website www.rivesdarc.com and the new version will automatically apply to all customers. The purchaser acknowledges that he is fully aware of the fact that his agreement with these terms and conditions of sale does not require his written signature of the present document.


  • Rives d'Arc - Route des Gorges 07150 Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, France
  • www.rivesdarc.com - contact@rivesdarc.com


  • The customer has access to information about our services via our online catalogue and paper brochure or can request information from our reservation staff on site, via phone or via electronic communication. He decides for himself which services to choose at the time of booking.
  • The customer acknowledges to have taken notice of the contents of our services, the booking location and procedures and the characteristics of stay and accommodations. He acknowledges that he has requested and obtained all necessary information to make a well-informed booking.
  • The customer is responsible for his choice of reservation and its suitability to his needs, such that Rives d'Arc cannot incur liability in this matter.
  • The reservation shall be deemed accepted by the customer after the booking. The booking process is completed upon reception of the 30% deposit.
  • The reservation is effective subject to the resorts approval, upon reception of the deposit and the duly signed and completed reservation contract, or after acceptance of the general terms of sale when booking online.
  • Reservations shall become a binding contract upon acceptance thereof by Rives d'Arc only. Rives d'Arc is free to do so or to refuse, depending on availability and generally all circumstances likely to compromise the processing of the booking.
  • Rives d'Arc offers traditional family holiday accommodations, and the rentals are specially designed for that purpose. Rives d'Arc reserves the right to turn down any reservation conflicting with that interest, or attempting to abuse it.
  • The reservation of a camping pitch or accommodation is personal and non-transferable. It is not allowed to sub-let or transfer your reservation without the resort’s prior consent.
  • Minors should be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.
  • The rental accommodations are fully equipped. The standard rate is based on 1 to 6 places, depending on the type of accommodation.
  • NOVA Lodges reserves the right to refuse access to the resort to groups or families exceeding the capacity of the rental, or to increase the rental price.


  • Please go to our website or consult our brochure for full pricing details for our choice of lodging possibilities and related services.
  • Prices vary according to category and type of accommodation and are stated in euros. Rives d'Arc cannot be held responsible for changes in the exchange rate.
  • Indicated prices are valid for the 2019 season. Prices are per night and are stated in euros, all taxes included.
  • Persons over 18 years are concerned with the local tax €0.66. 


  • For reservations made more than 30 days before the date of arrival, a deposit of 30 % of the reservation sum must be paid upon reservation. The balance must be paid at the latest within 30 days before the arrival date.
  • Reservations made less than 30 days before the arrival date must be paid in full at the time of the booking.


1. Changes to your reservation

  • Changes regarding your reservation can be made at no cost, subject to availability at Rives d'Arc.
  • If you fail to arrive without prior notice from you indicating a postponement of your arrival date, the accommodation can be made available for rental 24 hours after the arrival date stated in the contract. As a result you will lose your reservation and the paid sum.

2. Unused services

You are not entitled to a refund when you interrupt or shorten your stay (late arrival, early departure) in our rental accommodation.

3. Cancellation by Rives d'Arc

In the event of a cancellation by Rives d'Arc you stay will be refunded in full, except in the event of force majeure. However, this cancellation does not entitle you to compensation for damages and interest.

4. Cancellation by the customer

In the event of cancellation, please advise us promptly in writing, by email or fax, confirmed by registered letter, with a statement of reasons.


We guarantee the reimbursement of all amounts paid (minus 15 euro handling costs), without cancellation costs, for cancellation up to one day before your arrival date if the cancellation is made for the following serious reasons:

  • a) Illness, accident, death of the person who made the booking, his or her spouse or his or her relatives in the ascending or descending lines.
  • b) Dismissal for redundancy on economic grounds of the person who made the booking or his or her spouse.


If the cancellation takes place for a reason other than those listed above, no later than 30 days before the arrival date, 30% of the amount of the stay will be retained as cancellation costs. If the cancellation takes place between 30 and 15 days before the arrival date, 50% of the amount of the stay will be retained as cancellation costs.  


If the cancellation is made for a cause not specified above and less than 15 days prior to arrival, you are not entitled to any refund of amounts paid.


Rives d'Arc shall not be held liable by the customer in case obligations cannot be performed due to force majeure. Force majeure is defined as fortuitous event according to definition in the jurisprudence of French courts.


1. Arrival

  • Rental accommodations: Arrival days vary depending on the resort and the period (consult the specific terms of the different resorts). On the day of your arrival at Rives d'Arc, the accommodations will be available after 4pm. However, in the event of an early arrival and depending on availability, everything will be done to reduce the waiting time.
  • A 200 euro deposit is asked upon arrival. The deposit will be returned to the customer on the departure date and after a full inspection of the inventory and accommodation. The management reserves the right to retain all or part of the deposit in the event of excessive filth or damage of the rental. If the customer should depart outside the business hours of the reception office, the accommodation will be checked later and the deposit sent by mail.

2. During your stay

  • The holidaymaker is responsible for taking out insurance: the resort declines responsibility for any theft, fire, bad weather, etc. and in the event of any incident pertaining to the holidaymaker’s civil liability.
  • Rives d'Arc declines any liability for valuables, belongings and personal objects of the customer.

All customers must comply with the provisions of the internal regulations. The person who rented the accommodation is responsible for disturbance and nuisances caused by the persons staying with him or paying him a visit.


3. Departure

  • On the departure date specified on your contract, the rented accommodation must be vacated before 11am.
  • The accommodation must be left in perfect clean condition, and the inventory can be checked. You will be charged for any broken or damaged item as well as costs for repair work on the premises in case this would be necessary.
  • The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the stay after deducting indemnity amounts, based on supporting documents, for possible damages as acknowledged on the inspection report. Deduction of the deposit does not exclude further compensation should the costs exceed the amount of the deposit.
  • If the accommodation has not been cleaned before your departure, you will be charged the costs for a final cleaning (75 euros per cleaning).
  • For any delayed departure one additional day can be charged at the applicable rate.


Pets are accepted against payment of a fixed amount of 5 euros per day. Pets should be kept under surveillance at all times and kept on a leash throughout the stay. Any breach of health (free dog waste bags available at reception) or safety rules caused by the animal may lead to the owner’s eviction. The European Pet Passport should be up to date. The access by first category dogs (attack dogs)is strictly forbidden in public transportation, premises open to the public and public spaces, excluding public roads. Dogs in the second category (defence and guard dogs) should be muzzled and kept on a leash by an adult.


We have a complaints procedure for customers who are not satisfied with the service they have received during their stay. Customers can submit a complaint by mail (Rives d'Arc - Route des Gorges 07150 Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, France), email (contact@rivesdarc.com) or by means of handing in the customer satisfaction questionnaire at the end of their stay. Customers can report any problems during their stay at our receptions open from 8am to 11pm. Complaints can be filed about accommodation that doesn't match reservation or services that fail to meet the customer's expectations. Management commits itself to respond in detail to any written complaint, provided they were not submitted anonymously. If the customer expects a refund by filing a complaint, it should be send in writing by registered mail with proof of delivery to the resort manager within the month following the stay. Claims must concern the non-compliance of the services in relation to the contractual commitments.


The Customer and Rives d'Arc expressly acknowledge that their relations are governed by French law. Any dispute shall be brought to the courts of the place of the resort. Any claim regarding the non-conformity of the services with the contractual provisions should be reported in writing (by registered mail with proof of delivery) to the manager of the respective resort.


In accordance with the provisions of the French Consumer code regarding the consumer disputes mediation process, the customer has the right to use the services offered free of charge by RIVES D'ARC. The consumer rights mediator thus proposed is MEDICYS.
This mediation provider can be contacted via:
- the website www.medicys.fr ;
- or by mail: MEDICYS - Centre de médiation et règlement amiable des huissiers de justice- 73, Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 – Paris, France


The customer formally acknowledges that Rives d'Arc may not be held responsible for the provision of false information mentioned by its partners or any third party in the brochure or websites of Rives d'Arc regarding the resorts, in particular pictures, descriptions, activities, amenities, services and opening dates. No pictures and texts used in the brochure or website of Rives d'Arc are contractually binding. The information is of a purely indicative nature. It may occur that some activities and facilities offered by the resorts and mentioned in the brochure are cancelled, including for weather reasons or force majeure such as defined by French courts. In compliance with the dispositions in article L212-1 of the French Consumer Code, Rives d'Arc commits itself to offer services according to the regulations in force.


The information that you provide with your order will not be passed on to any third party. Such information shall be considered as confidential by Rives d'Arc. It will be used only by Rives d'Arc personnel, to process your order and reinforce and customise the communication and services reserved for Rives d'Arc customers, based on your interests. In accordance with the French data protection law of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access, amend and object to your personal data. To do that, you just have to request so by letter sent to the following address, indicating your name, first name and address:

  • Rives d'Arc - Route des Gorges 07150 Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, France
  • www.rivesdarc.com - contact@rivesdarc.com 


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