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Take our nature tours with your partner or family and see breathtaking landscapes!

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Head out on an adventure with your family

During your stay in our Rives d'Arc holiday village, take the time to discover the hidden wonders of Ardèche. Our guide, a connoisseur of the Ardèche, will take you on an adventure and share his knowledge and passion with you, teaching you about our beautiful region! Our guided nature tours run from Rives d’Arc all season long. 

Our nature tours

On the agenda for our nature tours: canoe trips, strolling through the picturesque villages, tour of the Ibie beehives, Cirque des Gens, the Dent de Rez mountain, the Ronze Woods, and much more.

  • Discovery of the Puy Lacher 

Explore the Ardèche landscape along this ridge that separates the plains of Chassezac and Barjac, and take in the exceptional views of the Cévennes Mountains and the plains of Basse Ardèche.

  • Massif of the tooth of Rez

Small tour on the highest point of the southern Ardèche. On the program: immersion in the natural protected area of the massif, discovery of the local fauna and flora, time travel in the prehistoric sea, and so many other things to discover

  • The Circus of People

Classified and protected site with its three preserved natural environments, here's what you need to see! A limestone gorge dating from the Jurassic period that is home to the Bonneli's Eagle, the Bluebird and more than thirty different bird species.

You can check our nature tour program on our web app and register at Rives d'Arc reception.



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