Ibie Gardens

A few steps away from your cabin, on the South Bank, come and discover the Ibie Gardens, a relaxing man-made tribute to nature.

Stroll through the gardens along the many paths and wonder at the countless plants and animals that inhabit this preserved space. 

 The Ibie Gardens offer you a new way to discover nature, an experience where learning about biodiversity becomes fun and inspiring.

  • Explore and learn on the educational trails
  • Understand your environment
  • Walk through the flora and fauna
  • Learn about the benefits of nature

Escape and explore this large natural space. Let yourself be carried away by a place of communion that awakens all of your senses with rejuvenating plant and animal life:

  • Admire the gorgeous colors that change with the seasons
  • Taste the fruit from the orchard
  • Touch the bark on the trees
  • Smell the flowers
  • Listen to the birdsong and the trickling water.